Friday, August 29, 2014

Replanting/Renovating continues

Today after treating the boys to a food adventure brunch, I got them out in the yard. With all e rain the ground was nice and soft to work on our tree stump, and the repositioning of a 50+ year old Azalea.
From above to below, she moved with a lot of grunting from all three of us, I really hope she survives her rehoming.
The stump is getting smaller, but it will need a few more sessions, but hopefully the rain eases and we can get back to the painting.

I also realised I never shared our repainted letterbox, from burgundy to shiny red.... And of course a little vintage style knob update too.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing our progress.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Repainting the house and fences

Well we started last year in December, you may remember from this post

It is a huge job we embarked on reprinting our home and fences, so after a big break we are back into it and today was the start of phase 2. Saying goodbye our green and cream fences, before we invest in some machinery to work on the second storey.

We began strong, but after about 2 hours of painting we realised that the lovely paint mixer at bunnings had given us the wrong colour. So with a bit of a setback we have achieved lots. Even the removal and splitting up of my agapanthus, rebuilding of the planter box edging ( we love our recycled and reclaimed pallets). Not bad for a Sundays work.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Perfectly Pretty Picnics Showcase - JUNE 15

I had the lovely opportunity of meeting a wonderful lady recently at Belgenny, that fell in love with my range of handmade items. This lady runs an amazing fabric store which coincidently I had stalked and drooled over (and just quietly purchased from - yes another project is coming in the form of the farmers wife quilt you may have seen me share on instagram recently).

Well back to the lovely Eve, and making me feel special by selecting me as one of her Handmaidens in the stunning showcase that she is hosting on facebook. 

Here are my items that will be available to purchase on the 15th June in the FabricDirect Facebook Perfectly Pretty Picnic Showcase, 

so as you can see I have been super busy creating, stitching, and photographing

Monday, May 26, 2014

Olympus OM-D Day Out

I had an amazing day out today, thanks to this wonderful lady, sadly it's a blurry iPhone snap, but I was just a tad too close. But didn't want to miss the reflection shot of the big camera in the back as well as Corrie speaking and sharing her thoughts on the Olympus OM-D E-M10, that I was fortunate enough to play with today. As well as enjoying a wonderful 3 courses with wine and coffee at the fantastic Otto Ristorante at Woolloomooloo and dine with a bunch of other wonderful mum's and bloggers including Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and Lorraine from Not Quiet Nigella. 

What a treat lunch was, the food just amazing....and well the camera even more so, wishing that I will get one soon...I have dropped the hints to both Hubby and Son already this afternoon. My Birthday is just 53 short sleeps away!!!

So shall I take you through the day in photos.
Olympus OM-D E M-10
We were greeted with little place cards, yes this is the a photo taken with the Olympus OM-D E M-10 that was on the table for us to play with that , that I took remotely with my iPhone and saved to my iPhone using the wifi Olympus Image Share App, yes I fell in love straight away......need O say more
Olympus OM-D E M-10

Olympus OM-D E M-10

Above 2 were taken on my iPhone oh the meals were amazing...smoked salmon rilettes salmon roe crispy skin and crostini followed by marsala braised beef cheeks with celeriac puree and mushrooms....oh And then topped off with an amazing saffron brulee, citrus segments and grapefruit sorbet....yes I died and went to heaven today....
Olympus OM-D E M-10
I just wished I had more time to play with the camera, learning the settings was easy enough, and the ones I have taken were all on manual so there could be more light meter adjustments, but I loved that it was all so easy!!!
Olympus OM-D E M-10
Olympus OM-D E M-10
I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 hours today, the information shared and the joyful conversations was a wonderful way to spend the day.

And of even sweeter, was our little goody bag of gifts, how cute is this wee camera - a cute little accessory to adorn my keys. I just hope that my wish for a real one comes to fruition.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baking for Health - Superfood Brownies

So today, found me feeling low after a phone call from my mum. Hospital is getting her down and I know that she was booked for a transfusion yesterday but it never came, they changed their mind. After her last bout like this the blood really made a difference, so in my not so humble non medicated opinion, I think it would help. But alas there is nothing I can do to help that one, so I went in hunt of a good way for me to help. I surfed the net for some healthy snack I could take her that might help....and found these....

Knowing that I had purchased the Fruit For Life - Inca Berries as I had recently read that they are one of the richest fruit sources of fibre available, they support cellular metabolism. Are high in Vitamin B12. Are a great natural source of energy, and have been shown to reduce inflammation. An excellent source of antioxidants, and we all know that good antioxidants aids in mental health!!!  

The rest of the ingredients were in my cupboard with some minor changes, I decided to see how I went with my alterations.  Well I love them and they are very tasty little morsels of deliciousness and only 70 calories per mini muffin. In my book it's a great little snack. So, lets hope the patient enjoys them and maybe some healthy benefits will sneak in too!!!

If you would like to try my recipe, click here

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 Recap

Another year of tradition, out to Belgenny Farm with Forever Always Market Stall.... Wait Mum is in hospital so alteration of plans - so I spent Saturday baking and cooking in preparation. Mums request tomato soup and lemon tart.

So then it was all stations go and packing for Market with lots of new supplies and lines, love that I can change up my stock with events and seasons. 
love my new selection of vintage linen charms.....itching to make a quilt with these

These little terrariums went down a treat @ $25 each everyone loved that they were named

Its certainly an early start to the day, leaving home at 5.30am does have it's advantages this stunning sunrise was worth every second of getting up at 4.30am

Having had a market stall on the Friday at Menangle House with the Pretty Picnics, I was lucky to complete a special order request and have it gift wrapped and ready for a special daughter to give to her Mum.

Of course, with my new display, means I get to play with my Chalk and create the perfect piece of chalk art and this one was pretty I thin, don't YOU?

My helpers keeping me smiling, doing a hat swap!!! Just look at the sun, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, and even the rains are coming corn style spitting that the heavens sprayed on us didn't damper the sun or the days frivolity or shoppers.  

what's a mothers day without a happy snap of mother and daughter
leaving and arriving were both spectacular, we love our Belgenny Market days.

Exhausted, but in need of seeing my Mum, who had been in surgery, it was straight to the market for the Lemon Tart, oh yeah that's right I slaved over it but left it at home!!! DUH!!! Lucky my sister was quick to the mark and baked us up her version, she did mighty good!!! sadly no happy snap of that or mum, she was looking a little worse for wear, but we tarted her up with a little lippy, and put smiles on her face with all 9 of us making enough racket to wake the dead, we were soon sent on our way. Traffic and a 2 1/2 hour car ride home but to find the below waiting for me was boy scored big on the spoil mum counter!!!

And from the three of them, I received a cooking class at the Bourke Street Bakery on sour dough, can't wait to book and attend!!!
Of course, it was back to the hospital on Monday morning, just so I could deliver the Lemon tart to MUM, which she loved, on our journey back home, we stopped for coffee in Glebe, but alas our coffee shop wasn't open but the book store was, so of course Brian spied this and couldn't resist it, after all my Christmas Traditions.....I was going to type up some but found a perfect YouTube reading so I had to share.


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